Hello I am the one and only Mama Mai. Some people they know me from YouTube, my daughter show "Hello Hunnay". Some people they know me from my Instagram because I talking shit, never lie🙅🏻‍♀️Some people they know me from Costco because I shopping there every Saturday, food always go on sale that day👍🙋🏻‍♀️ But everyone know Mama Mai because I have the #1 fashion style! Too many people ask me, "Mama Mai, how you always have the good style? How can I buy like you?" But I have bad news, you cannot buy like Mama Mai! I shopping a lot of place, take a lot of time to creating my look. Vintage store, estate sale, discount clearance, I shop then I sew to make more creative, custom make look different to stand out😎 Now the last few month Mama Mai have time. I bore in this quarantine!! 😩 So I curated collection for you to wear- feel comfortable, look cool, act rich like me👍💯

Right now small, collection for you mix and match. You layer my pieces with dress for work, pack for travel, or with easy pant for home. Every woman, every size. Go ahead, buy and you see how you have fun! Now you have Mama Mai in you life. You welcome I no charge extra😘